Why It’s Hard To Win on Penny Slot Machines with Slot Machine Expert Frank Legato

In this video I visit the 2014 Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas, which is one of the world’s largest trade shows for the casino gaming industry. At this show, which is held in late September each year, gaming manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world spy, their latest products and technologies, a casino executives, it’s a great show to attend, because visitors can try out often there was some machines before they’re available to The general public bus there are many celebrity appearances and other fun events in this segment. I speak with slot machine expert, frankly gato, who is the editor of global gaming business magazine. He also writes about slot machines for casino player as well as strictly slots, and I ask frank why it is so hard for some players to win on penny slot machines.

Frank. You are one of the foremost experts on slot machines and one question I wanted to ask you is: why is it so hard four slot players away in a penny slot machines simple, they are the highest holding, in other words, lowest pay that percentage in the house. In the casino, by far you take a dollar slot machine – it’s probably 95 96 percent, most casinos. Yes, you have to translate that house edge. Ninety-Five percent passage: 5 percent, that’s on the dollar order: games: 92-93.

7, any games giving up 11 percent, sometimes size 12-13 or higher some casinos or even setting the lowest back required state, which exit 3 percent bad. It’S 75 percent. What you’re getting with the penny slot machine is basically are gon na lose your money. Now you say: 75 percent is the minimum and Nevada.

Have you ever seen a game set to return as low as 75 percent? I I haven’t – I not not in to my knowledge, but you can tell she was what it said: bashers available 73 back each the casino choose. Most casinos have a policy. Most casinos in Nevada, most anywhere have a policy pay-back nomination in Nevada, find it any games.

Pay a little bit more ninety ninety percent, Sentinel; ok, a las vegas casinos in Reno same way: atlantic city you’re talking pennies whole, in other words, giving away 12 percent house people. Well. Why don’t people played a machine that, if there, if there’s such a low papacristo, why do they play because they want they wan na low by it? They can pick up a twenty dollar-billion play for a while thing. They they don’t realize thing they don’t realize is if you play maximum credit, these games to get all the features qualified, aggressive jackpots, so you might be spending 3 300 credits for for max bet. That’S three dollars that same as a dollar machine.

So, if it’s pay-back percentage ago or take that three dollars dollar machine – and you know give away three or four percent, if that’s what you’re going the public, is these games as an arcade experience and lately people that right are our magazine have been saying their money Lasting Association, bashers is doing a study right now exactly what this trend me. People are playing less going to casino slots because back percent doing exhaustive study their own sales records, see what percentage programs all these casinos by to see if to just a verified back but anecdotal evidence. You know it is pretty much verified that people’s money last okay suffered many sa mission.

Buyers reason they’re losing is because they’re planning a chance to pay back to the least amount of money in the casino I. So what is your advice for the people like to play? Penny slot machines for how they can be either better their experience or make their money lasts? Longer the game, stalin penny machines can be found in other denominations.

You just have to. After have a little bit more bankroll to to play, play them most to them, are a lot of them are available multi-denominational. So look for the mall denomination units and go up couple go up to the neck. Nomination died. That’S one way of doing it. If you like, those those that style, the other thing they can do is play lovers.

Las Vegas casinos play in Reno play places better-known to by the highest returning programs for all their games. That’S that’s where they are there: local, a las vegas outside the strip – and they are you know, just about anywhere in Reno. One last question for a place on the penny machines now you’re saying before they’re, making maximum bets to play our look at the pay table. Ants side say: well, maybe I don’t have to make the maximum vendela in order to be eligible for these bonuses. How would that work? That’S what they’re doing that’s what they’re doing there there they’re they’re going on to these machines!

That’S why they’re popular go! Take a 20 and just bed the minimum required to activate all Baylis, which in most cases is, is basically the game but you’re not getting as you want qualify for progressive jackpot, perhaps or some other some other special bones. But they can still play them and they complain america’s free drinks in their. They play a little bit lose their money thing is in recent years. Since the penny machines explode popularity, the casinos are by more to the detriment.

Nations they’re buying these and a as evidences is showing its showing up returns. Players alright, frankly, got thanks very much for spending time with us today. Thank you.