Top 5 Things To Do In Las Vegas

Hello. It has been over a week since the Las Vegas shooting attack. This is a horrific thing that has affected so many people even people that I know personally and I wanted to do something about it. As soon as I heard about it I wanted to to do a fundraiser I wanted to do a video.

There were so many things and I just, I didn’t know how to help. I love hearing stories from people who watch my videos and get inspired to travel and learn about new cultures and I read everything that comes in and it really makes me happy because it means that my mission and the message that I’m trying to spread through my videos is working and it’s reaching you. When something’s so horrible like this happens people get scared and I often get people asking me aren’t you afraid to travel.

So with this video I want to show you the top five things that I enjoy from Las Vegas to show you that the city has a lot to offer and I hope that something as horrible as this does not stop you from visiting Las Vegas or any other city. This is how I know how to help. Before I jump into that I want to quickly talk about Casey Neistat who is another fellow creator and he created a fundraiser specifically for the victims of the families from the Las Vegas shooting.

Casey’s #LoveArmyLasVegas is a fundraiser on GoFundMe and he has declared that he is going to take all the money that he raises there and give it to Steve Sisolak’s fundraiser which is also on GoFundMe. Steve is the Clark County Commission Chair of Las Vegas so this is an official fundraiser for Las Vegas community and for those victims. If you would like to contribute to either of these funds I’m going to put a link to both of them in the description below.

And now here are my five favorite things to do in Las Vegas. The high roller. This is the tallest observation wheel in the world.

Standing at 550 feet in the air. Okay, it’s not actually in the air but you know from the ground to the top it’s 550, you get it it’s basically a huge ferris wheel. This ferris wheel has a bunch of skiers and once you get into one of those skiers then you will be presented with 360 degree views of Las Vegas and the magical strip. The whole ride will last you 30 minutes So it’s definitely… The whole ride will last you 30 minutes so it’s a definite must stop no matter how short your trip in Las Vegas is.

The SlotZilla Zipline. SlotZilla has two different zip lines, it has the zip line and the zoom line. I recommend taking this zoom line which will take you all the way down the Crystal Ball Experience. And this is different from most zip lines because you will not be sitting down you will actually be laying down like you’re some kind of superhero, like Superman. Even if you are a little bit afraid of heights like me you will have fun at SlotZilla. It’s a pretty short ride unless you get stuck like I did.

This isn’t really selling this experience. Let’s move on to the next thing. This next one is probably my personal favorite which is the Neon Museum. This museum features a huge collection of neon signs that have been found through the history of Las Vegas. They collect and preserve these neon signs so that we can learn about them and learn about how neon signs work and just the design and the aesthetics of these signs is so cool, definitely worth a visit.

The next place is also a museum I am recommending that you check out the mob museum so that you learn a little bit about the mafia history in Las Vegas. This museum has a lot of different levels and is extremely interactive, so I can guarantee that you will learn quite a bit when you go visit. Lastly I can’t do a top 5 video without mentioning food I recommend that you go on a culinary adventure. Las Vegas has so much variety with restaurants and where you can eat, so you should check out some of the restaurants there and try something new.

Personally I love Smith & Wollensky’s I went there for my birthday dinner last year and it was delicious That is it for this video. I hope that it inspires you to go out and travel and not let something scary stop you from learning about new cultures and trying new things. Again, if you would like to contribute and help out the victims of the Las Vegas shooting then I have left links in the description below to Steve Sisolak’s and Casey Neistat’s GoFundMe fundraiser. I have personally contributed to Casey’s fundraiser so I can vouch for both of these fundraisers because I myself have contributed to them I know that this video is a little bit different than normal but I really couldn’t just sit and just watch this go by so I had to do something that was a little bit different. I hope that you never stop traveling and that you never stop exploring and trying new things because that is how we grow and that is how we come together. That’s it for this video I hope that you enjoyed it.

For now I’m gonna go. So, I will see you when I see you, bye! This video was made possible by my patrons over at PATREON.COM/REDROMINA If you like what I do become a patron and be a part of the exploration.