The Netflix Card


Step would be complicated but half is just wrong on its face. – I’m just not getting any of this am I? – Yeah, I don’t, you know what? I think that, I don’t think that Netflix has opened the doors to half incestuous movies yet. – There’s no way. – That’s like a 2023 thing as our culture continues to decline so I’m gonna say not steam. – Right and that’s why I wanted with every fiber of my being to believe it was step. – You gotta bebe now? – Every fiber of my bebe. (laughing) – Every fiber of my bebe. – To believe it was step, yeah this can’t be real. – [Stevie] This movie is fake. – Fake. – [Stevie] But we did add the half part so you’d have that discussion. (laughing) – What’s half? – Good, good. – [Stevie] How about this one? Leather Daddy Long Legs. – Ooh! – [Stevie] When a tall and mysterious stranger enters the life of a naive and unsophisticated rancher the line is blurred between a cock-a-doodle-do and a cock-a-doodle-don’t. (laughing) – So you’re telling me if this is real that is what the log line says. – Netflix log lines can be purposefully humorous like that. – Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I’ve definitely seen that. – There’s an art to it, it is an art form. – Leather Daddy Long Legs? That is the part that I take issue with. – That’s so stupid sounding. (laughing) – Not steam. – It sounds like a role play I should look into. Leather Daddy Long Legs is back. – You’ve got the legs, you’ve got the leather? – Yeah, I could get, oh I could get the leather. There’s a section in town. The leather. – The leather daddy section. – The leather district. Have you been to the leather district? – I’ve been to the rubber district. (laughing) – There’s a rubber district? That’s CVS man. (laughing) – Alright rubber clothing. – Oh, I’m saying it’s real. Leather Daddy Long Legs. – [Stevie] It’s fake. (laughing) – Really? It should be real. – Cock-a-doodle-do to cock-a-doodle-don’t – [Stevie] I mean it could be I guess. (laughing) – [Stevie] I forgot to tell you that there’s a prize up for grabs. – Oh well then I would have tried. – [Stevie] Yeah, it’s an empty Netflix card. Like a gift card. – Like a gift card but it’s. – Yeah, it’s pretty. – Okay. – [Stevie] It looks nice.

It’s what the Netflix card came in. – [Stevie] Yeah and then you can take it outta your wallet and say look at my Netflix card and no-one has to know. – Alright. – Alright. If I win I’ll be doing that to you Stevie. – [Stevie] Last one. La femme baguette. – Ooh. – [Stevie] A Parisian taxi driver drives himself mad as he tries to track down a beautiful baker who accidentally left a fresh brioche in his back seat. – La femme baguette. – I love a brioche man. Brioche is the best bread. – Especially in a taxi. – Anybody agree with me? If you gotta rank breads, brioche is at the top right? – Everybody’s like oh. (laughing) Don’t wanna weigh in on this one, this is too much controversy. – Ah well half brioche is controversial. That’s what you wanna stay away from, that’s immoral. – Step brioche, totally fine though. – Half brioche, half sourdough. Ah, this is hot steam. – Yeah. – Definitely, but you know what. – Have you seen it Stevie? – I’m gonna go with the answer I know is wrong just for a chance to tie, not steam. – [Stevie] Guys, it’s called La Femme Baguette, it is fake. (laughing) – Link we got it! Yeah but that sounded good. I was thinking about sexy bread. – Some of them were crazy though. I’ve never even typed in any search terms into Netflix, I’ve gotta start doing that. – I’ve typed in the title of what I’m looking for but that’s. – That’s all I do yeah.