Steamy Movies

I’m going with hot steam. – What was the title again cause that was weird? – Blow her mouth. – [Stevie] Below her mouth. – Below her mouth. (laughing) – Below her mouth. – You’re thinking it’s hot steam? – Yeah, yeah, yeah, roofers man, that sounds real. – There are no female roofers, I’m a sexist. – Oh, what! – Not steam. – [Stevie] This is a real movie. – Hot steam. – [Link] Below her mouth. – [Stevie] And I’ve seen this movie. – [Link] What! – [Stevie] Yeah, it’s true. – [Red] And what did you think about it? – [Stevie] Huh? – What you think about it? – [Stevie] You know. – You like roofers? – [Stevie] Well the roofer is played by a well known model, Erica Linder, who is quite attractive. – She’s like hammering shingles and stuff? – [Stevie] She’s roofing very poorly. (laughing) – [Stevie] But she looks good doing it, you know what I’m saying. – Does roofing mean something like on urban dictionary, I’m sure it does. – What is below her mouth, the rest of her. – Her chin? – Her body. Alright, I’m not a sexist, it was just a distasteful joke. Let’s visit this website.

Okay. Menorca. A hedonistic soccer mom takes a voyage of self discovery when she tries to reconnect with her son by turning his pet rock, by returning his pet rock to a mediterranean island. – Oh. – Oh, ooh. – I thought he was gonna turn her son’s pet rock into. – Something else. – A pleasure device. Oh okay, steamy or not steamy, pet rock. – You could’ve implied that without saying it directly but it’s okay. – This is Good Mythical More, we can say what we’re thinking. – No, I think is probably just not, this isn’t a real movie, it’s probably a documentary. It sounds like something that definitely happened. – I’m saying no. – It doesn’t sound steamy if it was. What’s reenact, the reenactments are the things that are really steamy you know. Like you know when you’re watching like 20/20 and they’re doing a reenactment and they get like a hot actor to play the person, the reenactments are always better. – I didn’t know 20/20 had reenactments. – I don’t know if they do, you know what I’m talking about.

I’m saying not steam. – [Stevie] It is real. – Wha? – [Link] Menorca. (laughing) – [Link] Hedonistic soccer mom. This movie is steamy and understated. – Hedonistic soccer mom sounds like a Facebook group. (laughing) – I can’t believe this. Reconnect with her son by returning his pet rock to a Mediterranean island. Okay, wow. – [Stevie] How about this one. Sister Knows Best. Suppressed by societal norms a successful attorney devises a scheme to enjoy a life of passion with her half brother but you can only outrun your past for so long. – Half brother? That’s complicated. – It is complicated because it’s, you know it’s, there’s no blood shared it’s just, it’s just marriage. It’s the marriage of a parent. – No, no, no, no, there is. Half brother. – Oh yeah, that’s step. Urgh this is, that’s. – That’s why my complicated joke was. – No I don’t think that’s complicated at all, I just think that’s – That was my joke. – Not recommended.