Royal Ascot 2018 betting guide + Top 5 horses to follow

Hi bettingexperts and now we’re going to take a look at Royal Ascot, five days of fantastic racing. We’Re going to talk about some punting pointers for the week ahead and also look at five horses and we’ll be high up on my radar well worth supporting. So the main thing with Royal Ascot, like all these big festivals.

Now you need to have all your betting accounts, primed, funded and ready to go. The value in the morning of racing will be a lot better than when the shows come through later on. As we’ve said before, at Cheltenham glorious Goodwood all these Aintree, all these major festivals when it comes to the encore, shows, the dust has settled. The on course. Bookmakers have got colossal expenses and are represented by some of the big off course firms and it’s in their interest to be betting to one and a half two percent, a runner. Every price will be rock bottom, but by the time they jump off.

But in the morning of these festivals, it really is worth shopping around. Looking at all the firms, there’s terrific value, whether or not you’re a recreational five pound ten pound punter you’ve certainly got the best of it. You’Ll be able to get on unlimited, taking advantage of all the cashback all the offers. Every firm is falling over itself. The marketing departments are very much in charge and there’s some fantastic offers with firms like Paddy Power cashback. If the favorite wins of your beating.

The short head all sorts of enhancements – and it’s well worth being completely ruthless in your betting at Crystal Ball – There’s no room for loyalty. If the account you happen to have 300 pounds in is six to four, but there’s seven to four in the Internet. Use your debit card. Take the seven to four: it will make the difference at the end of the week between winning and losing, and you really do have to be ruthless and make yourself be fully prepared to take advantage of all the offers. My second point there will be not to underestimate foreign-trained Raiders. It is one of the things that makes Royal Ascot extremely difficult and to assess the form, because you’ve got a few horses from Ireland.

Lots coming over from France a few from Germany Wesley Ward. This season is over 10, I believe from America, which is fascinating. It’S very hard to form an objective form analysis, but it from experience. These sorts of hosts are entitled to the massive respect when Wesley Ward, in particular his two-year-olds.

If you ever get a chance to see them in the paddock, it’s quite extraordinary how physically in stature they’re different from their European rivals. They actually looked like three or four year olds and horses, like Lady Aurelia, have proven over the last couple of years that they can come back and do it again and it’s it’s well worth. Certainly, I’m not saying how to back them all, but it’s in the old days veterans like myself, used to dismiss foreign train runners as though they couldn’t win and they were 50 to 1, and that is definitely not the case. These days, they’re often big runners, the traveling, doesn’t seem to take as much out of them as it used to and there’s certainly well worth factoring in. My third point is to avoid the over bet obvious public following horses, jockeys and trainers, and we all know did Tory Road.

7 winners at Ascot he’s got a massive following soz Ryan Moore, both top class jockeys, but often horses are priced up on. Who is riding them, and that is particularly true in some of the handicaps where the top stables are represented and if you look back at historically the actual top yards. Don’T have a wonderful record in these huge field.

Handicaps at Ascot, which are very competitive, and it can be better to look away from the obvious, perhaps look at smaller trainers like, for instance, Roger fel. Somebody like that whose horse are running really well but doesn’t have the public following. My fourth point is that Ascot form works out here time and again it is a unique track. They go very fast to ground. It is one of those rare tracks where they do race on fast ground, there’s not much watering, it doesn’t get loose on top, and this season looks like being no exception.

The draw can also be a huge thing at Ascot, particularly on the straight course where they can split into two groups, and I would strongly recommend watching the first race or two each day. And I do remember years ago, when I used to play a lot more on the spreads than I do now, but there was an obvious first race bias where all the high numbers dominated and if you realize that straight away you could get with. There was another seven furlong race later on on the straight course you could get with all of those high drawn numbered horses who, as it turned out all half Tim price later on, because they were obviously hugely favored by the draw, and it did work out that You could profit dramatically from that, so you have to be on your toes. Things, do change.

There can be biases, but it is worth looking. I think, for course, and distance winners, even those who’s, been out of sorts. So far this summer, returning to Ascot for the first time well worth keeping them onside and also I do think point number five would be look out for fresh horses.

I don’t think generally, you want to be with horses. We’Ve had four or five runs this summer on fast ground. Already, look for those who’ve, maybe had one or two have been campaigned with Ascot in mind. You haven’t shot up the weights. If it’s a handicapper haven’t shown their hand particularly, could be well treated and have been laid out for the race. So that’s some punting advice.

Now we’re going to have a look at five horses who I think are well worth following and during Royal Ascot week. It’S not clear with a few of them which races they’re going to run in, but they’d certainly be horses well worth keeping on side. I think my nap of the week would be Jon Gosselin stradivarius he’s a really progressive. Stea who’s done nothing but impress since winning the Goodwood Cup last summer and a confident ride where he just got the better of big orange in a fantastic race and the thing about it was why that run was so noteworthy. Is he pulled really hard under a strength for the first three furlongs and he immediately doubled in price on the betting exchanges in running, but did so well to come through and sustain the run, and I was very taken with the way he won on his reappearance.

At York in May again cruising all over his rivals de Torre rather took it easy thought he had. The race won had to shake him up in the end, but I think it’s going to take a very useful performance to beat him in either the staying races that he goes to, and I think at this stage he’s probably my nap of the meeting. The second one I’m interested in is Wesley Ward’s lady Aurelia, now she’s built up a huge following among UK bum punters by winning at this meeting in 2016, when she took the Queen Mary in one of the most amazing displays from a juvenile that I’ve ever seen. She actually won by 7 lengths there in a sprint and had the race one half way. It was absolutely ridiculous and remarkably for one who was so precocious and she’s held a form and she returned in 2017 to win the group.

1 kings stand under her American rider this time written more patiently, but still scorching clear from the furlong pole. I think she’s been trained to peak for Royal Ascot in 2018. She’S not been at her best so far, but her train is an absolute genius at getting them ready and she’s very much one to keep on side of the 3rd when we go for another Sprinter, cart G of Tom das comes now.

This one is a real speed: bull got loads of pace, destroyed the field and the Chester main meeting, despite having a wide draw scorching home, clocking, an amazing time and winning by 9 lengths. He since being touched off at hey doc, on the not having blazed the trail on his own on the far side and hopefully he’ll avoid a couple of the other sprinters were interested in, but on fast ground at Ascot. He could take plenty of catching and Tom dascomb has his horses in terrific form at the moment, horse number 4 hairy angel, clive Cox, another sprinter, another one who’s kept improving. He did show his old fractious nough sin: the stalls when making a winning reappearance at York. This season, beating race, fit rivals having been hammered in the market. He won’t have Caravaggio in his way in 2018, and I think he’s one of the meetings.

Bankers he’d like to be a short price, but he’s top class. His trainer Clive clocks, I think, is one of the best trainers in the country and well worth keeping all of his horses on side at this meeting, particularly in the handicaps and horse number 5, no secrets of this one, the Derby winner massa, I think he’ll be Aimed at Royal Ascot, hopefully he ran a blinder in the 2000 guineas. There was no fluke about his winner Epsom. He surprised me, I didn’t think he’d stay a mile for and actually I wouldn’t be perturbed if he dropped right back in trip to her mind. He’S got plenty of pace as well as showing remarkable stamina, reserves and he’s a top class, but to look forward to at the meeting best of luck at Royal Ascot betting experts.