How to play European Blackjack?

What’s blackjack in Europe?

European blackjack the european blackjack is played against the dealer much like other blackjack tournaments. The game uses 6 cards, in total. But versions can also be used with 4 or even 8 cards. Also, there’s a variation out there that s was playing with 2 cards. The dealer takes his hole card in european blackjack after dealing out the player’s numbers. Basically, the player’s target in this version is compatible with the goal in blackjack online’s classic variant.

The goal is to defeat the dealer in his own game by having a blackjack, a 21, or a score nearest to 21 overall. In european blackjack the card values are exactly the same as in most other blackjack tournaments. As normal, all 10s and face cards are worth 10 points, and either 1 or 11 aces. Number cards are worth the same money, too. However, what’s interesting to remember about european blackjack is that while much of the rules are the same as their classic counterpart, there are a few rule variations that are important to note so you can play the game correctly.

European Blackjack rules & variations

We have seen how distinctive european blackjack is in terms of something as basic as the very nature of the game. After the player has played his hand, the dealer gets his second card that changes quite a few things in the match. The dealer cannot search for blackjack whether he has an ace or a 10-value card as his first card. This means the player doesn’t have any way to see if the dealer has a blackjack before his game is over.

The effect is evident on a player’s approach. If the player stood to lose just his original wager depending on the dealer’s hand in the regular blackjack variant, then he stood here to lose more. If his play tactic was to double down or break a hand he would still forfeit the bonus money on those hands that he put as wagers. The way that the game shifts due to the inherent gap in the contract can be seen in the next segment, where we discuss european blackjack rules.

As we said earlier, european blackjack is normally played using 6 card decks (there are also variations where 4-8 decks blackjack are often used). At brick-and-mortar casinos as well as at online casinos, cards are usually re-shuffled for each draw. Fundamentally, european blackjack rules are essentially the same as blackjack rules in their original form with a few distinct exceptions.

European blackjack rules outlined as follows:

  1. This version of blackjack is usually played with six decks. However, there are game variations that are played with 2-8 decks;
  2. If the dealer has a blackjack, the player sacrifices his entire bet;
  3. Splitting 4s, 5s or 10-valued cards is not permitted;
  4. Aces may be divided;
  5. A player will double after a split;
  6. The dealer stands on a soft 17;
  7. The dealer still draws on 16;
  8. The player will carry out an insurance payout if he/she needs to;
  9. Surrender is never permitted during this game.

Playing European Blackjack online

The variation not only has different game levels to accommodate both players, but it also has different moves to pick from just as most variants do. These are “ruck,” “hold,” “break,” “insurance,” and “multiple.” This is how you’d enjoy online game play.

Look for the right move: load the game to start playing european blackjack, first you have to go to your local blackjack casino and pick it as a variant. Once you have picked it, simply go on and load the real-money game, providing your bankroll has already been deposited.

Choose your chip when the game is ready, the next step is to simply pick how much to bet. If you have selected the bet number, all you need to do is press on the coin.

Wait for your score next, you are expected to take a deep breath and wait for your score. If you happen to catch a blackjack and the dealer doesn’t have one, you will automatically collect your payout. But if he’s got a blackjack, you’ll risk anything you’ve been betting on.

Decide whether to strike, stand, double down or break, if nobody s winning yet thinking you have got a blackjack, you must decide which move could help you win the draw. Selecting the hit button will allow you to obtain a new card to boost your initial score.

Split in the european blackjack game, you find that only if you have two cards of the same value will the split choice be triggered. You will be left with two hands when you break your hand and an additional bet will be made on the other hand that was formed. After this happens per hand is played as normal.

Then you can collect another card in turn, and touch your hand too. This is true for all pairs with the exception of a pair of aces which can be broken. In the case of aces, you will only get one more card before you won’t be able to breathe in. In this version the separating method allows you to break your hands up to 3 times.

However, you can just break several sets. For eg, it is obviously not possible to break the same-value cards that are not equivalent at either brick-and-mortar casino or online casinos. Therefore, they must have the same numerical value for cards to be able to break.

Players should break 2s, 3s, 6s, 7s, 8s, 9s and aces according to the strategy sheet below. However, 10s and 5s can never be divided, and 4s should only be split in such cases, such as when the dealer s up card is a 5 or a 6.


You can double your bet if you choose the double option when playing european blackjack. You will get one card while you do this, and your turn will end shortly afterwards. Insurance you ll have the option to take insurance when the dealer’s up card is an ace when playing european blackjack. If you assume the dealer would draw a 10-value piece, this might be worth putting a little wager equal to half your initial wager. If you win, you will collect a 2:1 bonus .

Wait to see if you’ve succeeded after you’ve made your pass, waiting for the result is the next step. If you managed to score, in european blackjack you are usually paid out 1:1. Since blackjack is not only a game of chance but also one that depends heavily on tactics, it is often better to use simple strategies rather than just throw it and see what comes out of the session.

The map is based on a european blackjack 6-deck game. It can, however, also be used for card games with 4 to 8 decks. Look down for this variation on the printable edition of our basic approach.

European Blackjack online

Today, players have plenty of chances from the comfort of their homes to enjoy their favorite game. Any of europe’s most prestigious online casinos offer blackjack along with a range of features that improve the gaming experience. Players will vote for either a single player table or a multiplayer table in general. Both have their basic features listed below.

The single player tables allow up to five boxes to be used in each round. What makes the single player tables so popular is that you’re not expected to behave in a panic and make unthought-out decisions. The gameplay of the game unfolds as quickly as you wish.

The seconds you have until you are disqualified from the game are not measured by a timer. There is nothing complex about the bet putting process.

The controls are easy to use, and the re-bet button helps you to start all over when a hand is full. Many who think playing blackjack on their own too tedious may prefer to play multiplayer tables with mates or find challenging competitors. And, there are a few specifics worth noting concerning the gameplay.

The tables for multiplayers allow the player to only hold one betting place. There’s even a countdown, which counts down the player’s time to make the next move. Clicking on the chip icons, using a slider or simply imputing the numbers in the empty fields will change the appropriate amount of bet.