Medieval Games

Besides the hack and slash type of gameplay medieval games can also offer endless hours of strategizing, commanding huge armies and finally conquering rival territories. For the gamers that love to spend their time making elaborate plans, organizing cities and planning how to best use their resources, we made a list of the 10 best medieval titles that give you the liberty to build your very own kingdom. The games were chosen by always keeping in mind a vital aspect. They had to offer us the opportunity of actually constructing and expanding our lands and legacy. Banished is a city-building strategy game where you lead a group of outcasts to grow and maintain a settlement. The citizens of the town are similar to a resource that needs to be managed, the player having to give them various tasks, such as building, fishing or hunting.

The goal is to keep your population healthy, happy and well-fed, and to build different constructions, such as houses, blacksmith shops, hospitals, farms and schools, in order to expand your city. Banished tests the player’s city management skills, challenging them to evolve and learn new things. In this installment of the Sims series, you are free to build your own kingdom by successfully completing the quests that take place in a medieval inspired environment. There are several types of professions you can choose from, each with their own unique abilities. Monarchs, wizards, spies, priests and bards are just some of the various classes available.

Unlike the other games in the series, the Sims medieval concentrates more on the RPG style of gameplay. Aspects such as character creation, simulation and architectural elements taking a backseat in favor of actions that evolve your character. Knights of Honor is a real-time strategy title that takes place in medieval Europe, the players being able to play as one of the hundred available kingdoms featured in the game. The actual area where the action takes place spans from Ireland to Armenia, and from Scandinavia to the northern coasts of Africa, the map being divided into provinces. Each of these land parcels is governed by a city, and contains rural areas such as villages, farms and monasteries. The main goal in Knights of Honor is to gain enough power and influence as to conquer the whole land and become the Emperor of Europe.

In The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom, the player has the opportunity to choose between three unique methods of victory: military, science and trade. In the military development path, the players build a strong army and intend to conquer as many territories as possible, and ultimately defeat their enemies. A peaceful way is also available, where the lands can be occupied using the power of religion through missionary priests. The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom has been valued mainly for its tense and complex game play that makes the players feel like a real medieval tactician. A grand strategy game set in the Middle Ages, Crusader Kings 2 allows the player to control a medieval dynasty from 1066 to 1453.

The Netflix Card


Step would be complicated but half is just wrong on its face. – I’m just not getting any of this am I? – Yeah, I don’t, you know what? I think that, I don’t think that Netflix has opened the doors to half incestuous movies yet. – There’s no way. – That’s like a 2023 thing as our culture continues to decline so I’m gonna say not steam. – Right and that’s why I wanted with every fiber of my being to believe it was step. – You gotta bebe now? – Every fiber of my bebe. (laughing) – Every fiber of my bebe. – To believe it was step, yeah this can’t be real. – [Stevie] This movie is fake. – Fake. – [Stevie] But we did add the half part so you’d have that discussion. (laughing) – What’s half? – Good, good. – [Stevie] How about this one? Leather Daddy Long Legs. – Ooh! – [Stevie] When a tall and mysterious stranger enters the life of a naive and unsophisticated rancher the line is blurred between a cock-a-doodle-do and a cock-a-doodle-don’t. (laughing) – So you’re telling me if this is real that is what the log line says. – Netflix log lines can be purposefully humorous like that. – Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I’ve definitely seen that. – There’s an art to it, it is an art form. – Leather Daddy Long Legs? That is the part that I take issue with. – That’s so stupid sounding. (laughing) – Not steam. – It sounds like a role play I should look into. Leather Daddy Long Legs is back. – You’ve got the legs, you’ve got the leather? – Yeah, I could get, oh I could get the leather. There’s a section in town. The leather. – The leather daddy section. – The leather district. Have you been to the leather district? – I’ve been to the rubber district. (laughing) – There’s a rubber district? That’s CVS man. (laughing) – Alright rubber clothing. – Oh, I’m saying it’s real. Leather Daddy Long Legs. – [Stevie] It’s fake. (laughing) – Really? It should be real. – Cock-a-doodle-do to cock-a-doodle-don’t – [Stevie] I mean it could be I guess. (laughing) – [Stevie] I forgot to tell you that there’s a prize up for grabs. – Oh well then I would have tried. – [Stevie] Yeah, it’s an empty Netflix card. Like a gift card. – Like a gift card but it’s. – Yeah, it’s pretty. – Okay. – [Stevie] It looks nice.

It’s what the Netflix card came in. – [Stevie] Yeah and then you can take it outta your wallet and say look at my Netflix card and no-one has to know. – Alright. – Alright. If I win I’ll be doing that to you Stevie. – [Stevie] Last one. La femme baguette. – Ooh. – [Stevie] A Parisian taxi driver drives himself mad as he tries to track down a beautiful baker who accidentally left a fresh brioche in his back seat. – La femme baguette. – I love a brioche man. Brioche is the best bread. – Especially in a taxi. – Anybody agree with me? If you gotta rank breads, brioche is at the top right? – Everybody’s like oh. (laughing) Don’t wanna weigh in on this one, this is too much controversy. – Ah well half brioche is controversial. That’s what you wanna stay away from, that’s immoral. – Step brioche, totally fine though. – Half brioche, half sourdough. Ah, this is hot steam. – Yeah. – Definitely, but you know what. – Have you seen it Stevie? – I’m gonna go with the answer I know is wrong just for a chance to tie, not steam. – [Stevie] Guys, it’s called La Femme Baguette, it is fake. (laughing) – Link we got it! Yeah but that sounded good. I was thinking about sexy bread. – Some of them were crazy though. I’ve never even typed in any search terms into Netflix, I’ve gotta start doing that. – I’ve typed in the title of what I’m looking for but that’s. – That’s all I do yeah.

Steamy Movies

I’m going with hot steam. – What was the title again cause that was weird? – Blow her mouth. – [Stevie] Below her mouth. – Below her mouth. (laughing) – Below her mouth. – You’re thinking it’s hot steam? – Yeah, yeah, yeah, roofers man, that sounds real. – There are no female roofers, I’m a sexist. – Oh, what! – Not steam. – [Stevie] This is a real movie. – Hot steam. – [Link] Below her mouth. – [Stevie] And I’ve seen this movie. – [Link] What! – [Stevie] Yeah, it’s true. – [Red] And what did you think about it? – [Stevie] Huh? – What you think about it? – [Stevie] You know. – You like roofers? – [Stevie] Well the roofer is played by a well known model, Erica Linder, who is quite attractive. – She’s like hammering shingles and stuff? – [Stevie] She’s roofing very poorly. (laughing) – [Stevie] But she looks good doing it, you know what I’m saying. – Does roofing mean something like on urban dictionary, I’m sure it does. – What is below her mouth, the rest of her. – Her chin? – Her body. Alright, I’m not a sexist, it was just a distasteful joke. Let’s visit this website.

Okay. Menorca. A hedonistic soccer mom takes a voyage of self discovery when she tries to reconnect with her son by turning his pet rock, by returning his pet rock to a mediterranean island. – Oh. – Oh, ooh. – I thought he was gonna turn her son’s pet rock into. – Something else. – A pleasure device. Oh okay, steamy or not steamy, pet rock. – You could’ve implied that without saying it directly but it’s okay. – This is Good Mythical More, we can say what we’re thinking. – No, I think is probably just not, this isn’t a real movie, it’s probably a documentary. It sounds like something that definitely happened. – I’m saying no. – It doesn’t sound steamy if it was. What’s reenact, the reenactments are the things that are really steamy you know. Like you know when you’re watching like 20/20 and they’re doing a reenactment and they get like a hot actor to play the person, the reenactments are always better. – I didn’t know 20/20 had reenactments. – I don’t know if they do, you know what I’m talking about.

I’m saying not steam. – [Stevie] It is real. – Wha? – [Link] Menorca. (laughing) – [Link] Hedonistic soccer mom. This movie is steamy and understated. – Hedonistic soccer mom sounds like a Facebook group. (laughing) – I can’t believe this. Reconnect with her son by returning his pet rock to a Mediterranean island. Okay, wow. – [Stevie] How about this one. Sister Knows Best. Suppressed by societal norms a successful attorney devises a scheme to enjoy a life of passion with her half brother but you can only outrun your past for so long. – Half brother? That’s complicated. – It is complicated because it’s, you know it’s, there’s no blood shared it’s just, it’s just marriage. It’s the marriage of a parent. – No, no, no, no, there is. Half brother. – Oh yeah, that’s step. Urgh this is, that’s. – That’s why my complicated joke was. – No I don’t think that’s complicated at all, I just think that’s – That was my joke. – Not recommended.

Top 5 Things To Do In Las Vegas

Hello. It has been over a week since the Las Vegas shooting attack. This is a horrific thing that has affected so many people even people that I know personally and I wanted to do something about it. As soon as I heard about it I wanted to to do a fundraiser I wanted to do a video.

There were so many things and I just, I didn’t know how to help. I love hearing stories from people who watch my videos and get inspired to travel and learn about new cultures and I read everything that comes in and it really makes me happy because it means that my mission and the message that I’m trying to spread through my videos is working and it’s reaching you. When something’s so horrible like this happens people get scared and I often get people asking me aren’t you afraid to travel.

So with this video I want to show you the top five things that I enjoy from Las Vegas to show you that the city has a lot to offer and I hope that something as horrible as this does not stop you from visiting Las Vegas or any other city. This is how I know how to help. Before I jump into that I want to quickly talk about Casey Neistat who is another fellow creator and he created a fundraiser specifically for the victims of the families from the Las Vegas shooting.

Casey’s #LoveArmyLasVegas is a fundraiser on GoFundMe and he has declared that he is going to take all the money that he raises there and give it to Steve Sisolak’s fundraiser which is also on GoFundMe. Steve is the Clark County Commission Chair of Las Vegas so this is an official fundraiser for Las Vegas community and for those victims. If you would like to contribute to either of these funds I’m going to put a link to both of them in the description below.

And now here are my five favorite things to do in Las Vegas. The high roller. This is the tallest observation wheel in the world.

Standing at 550 feet in the air. Okay, it’s not actually in the air but you know from the ground to the top it’s 550, you get it it’s basically a huge ferris wheel. This ferris wheel has a bunch of skiers and once you get into one of those skiers then you will be presented with 360 degree views of Las Vegas and the magical strip. The whole ride will last you 30 minutes So it’s definitely… The whole ride will last you 30 minutes so it’s a definite must stop no matter how short your trip in Las Vegas is.

The SlotZilla Zipline. SlotZilla has two different zip lines, it has the zip line and the zoom line. I recommend taking this zoom line which will take you all the way down the Crystal Ball Experience. And this is different from most zip lines because you will not be sitting down you will actually be laying down like you’re some kind of superhero, like Superman. Even if you are a little bit afraid of heights like me you will have fun at SlotZilla. It’s a pretty short ride unless you get stuck like I did.

This isn’t really selling this experience. Let’s move on to the next thing. This next one is probably my personal favorite which is the Neon Museum. This museum features a huge collection of neon signs that have been found through the history of Las Vegas. They collect and preserve these neon signs so that we can learn about them and learn about how neon signs work and just the design and the aesthetics of these signs is so cool, definitely worth a visit.

The next place is also a museum I am recommending that you check out the mob museum so that you learn a little bit about the mafia history in Las Vegas. This museum has a lot of different levels and is extremely interactive, so I can guarantee that you will learn quite a bit when you go visit. Lastly I can’t do a top 5 video without mentioning food I recommend that you go on a culinary adventure. Las Vegas has so much variety with restaurants and where you can eat, so you should check out some of the restaurants there and try something new.

Personally I love Smith & Wollensky’s I went there for my birthday dinner last year and it was delicious That is it for this video. I hope that it inspires you to go out and travel and not let something scary stop you from learning about new cultures and trying new things. Again, if you would like to contribute and help out the victims of the Las Vegas shooting then I have left links in the description below to Steve Sisolak’s and Casey Neistat’s GoFundMe fundraiser. I have personally contributed to Casey’s fundraiser so I can vouch for both of these fundraisers because I myself have contributed to them I know that this video is a little bit different than normal but I really couldn’t just sit and just watch this go by so I had to do something that was a little bit different. I hope that you never stop traveling and that you never stop exploring and trying new things because that is how we grow and that is how we come together. That’s it for this video I hope that you enjoyed it.

For now I’m gonna go. So, I will see you when I see you, bye! This video was made possible by my patrons over at PATREON.COM/REDROMINA If you like what I do become a patron and be a part of the exploration.

Royal Ascot 2018 betting guide + Top 5 horses to follow

Hi bettingexperts and now we’re going to take a look at Royal Ascot, five days of fantastic racing. We’Re going to talk about some punting pointers for the week ahead and also look at five horses and we’ll be high up on my radar well worth supporting. So the main thing with Royal Ascot, like all these big festivals.

Now you need to have all your betting accounts, primed, funded and ready to go. The value in the morning of racing will be a lot better than when the shows come through later on. As we’ve said before, at Cheltenham glorious Goodwood all these Aintree, all these major festivals when it comes to the encore, shows, the dust has settled. The on course. Bookmakers have got colossal expenses and are represented by some of the big off course firms and it’s in their interest to be betting to one and a half two percent, a runner. Every price will be rock bottom, but by the time they jump off.

But in the morning of these festivals, it really is worth shopping around. Looking at all the firms, there’s terrific value, whether or not you’re a recreational five pound ten pound punter you’ve certainly got the best of it. You’Ll be able to get on unlimited, taking advantage of all the cashback all the offers. Every firm is falling over itself. The marketing departments are very much in charge and there’s some fantastic offers with firms like Paddy Power cashback. If the favorite wins of your beating.

The short head all sorts of enhancements – and it’s well worth being completely ruthless in your betting at Crystal Ball – There’s no room for loyalty. If the account you happen to have 300 pounds in is six to four, but there’s seven to four in the Internet. Use your debit card. Take the seven to four: it will make the difference at the end of the week between winning and losing, and you really do have to be ruthless and make yourself be fully prepared to take advantage of all the offers. My second point there will be not to underestimate foreign-trained Raiders. It is one of the things that makes Royal Ascot extremely difficult and to assess the form, because you’ve got a few horses from Ireland.

Lots coming over from France a few from Germany Wesley Ward. This season is over 10, I believe from America, which is fascinating. It’S very hard to form an objective form analysis, but it from experience. These sorts of hosts are entitled to the massive respect when Wesley Ward, in particular his two-year-olds.

If you ever get a chance to see them in the paddock, it’s quite extraordinary how physically in stature they’re different from their European rivals. They actually looked like three or four year olds and horses, like Lady Aurelia, have proven over the last couple of years that they can come back and do it again and it’s it’s well worth. Certainly, I’m not saying how to back them all, but it’s in the old days veterans like myself, used to dismiss foreign train runners as though they couldn’t win and they were 50 to 1, and that is definitely not the case. These days, they’re often big runners, the traveling, doesn’t seem to take as much out of them as it used to and there’s certainly well worth factoring in. My third point is to avoid the over bet obvious public following horses, jockeys and trainers, and we all know did Tory Road.

7 winners at Ascot he’s got a massive following soz Ryan Moore, both top class jockeys, but often horses are priced up on. Who is riding them, and that is particularly true in some of the handicaps where the top stables are represented and if you look back at historically the actual top yards. Don’T have a wonderful record in these huge field.

Handicaps at Ascot, which are very competitive, and it can be better to look away from the obvious, perhaps look at smaller trainers like, for instance, Roger fel. Somebody like that whose horse are running really well but doesn’t have the public following. My fourth point is that Ascot form works out here time and again it is a unique track. They go very fast to ground. It is one of those rare tracks where they do race on fast ground, there’s not much watering, it doesn’t get loose on top, and this season looks like being no exception.

The draw can also be a huge thing at Ascot, particularly on the straight course where they can split into two groups, and I would strongly recommend watching the first race or two each day. And I do remember years ago, when I used to play a lot more on the spreads than I do now, but there was an obvious first race bias where all the high numbers dominated and if you realize that straight away you could get with. There was another seven furlong race later on on the straight course you could get with all of those high drawn numbered horses who, as it turned out all half Tim price later on, because they were obviously hugely favored by the draw, and it did work out that You could profit dramatically from that, so you have to be on your toes. Things, do change.

There can be biases, but it is worth looking. I think, for course, and distance winners, even those who’s, been out of sorts. So far this summer, returning to Ascot for the first time well worth keeping them onside and also I do think point number five would be look out for fresh horses.

I don’t think generally, you want to be with horses. We’Ve had four or five runs this summer on fast ground. Already, look for those who’ve, maybe had one or two have been campaigned with Ascot in mind. You haven’t shot up the weights. If it’s a handicapper haven’t shown their hand particularly, could be well treated and have been laid out for the race. So that’s some punting advice.

Now we’re going to have a look at five horses who I think are well worth following and during Royal Ascot week. It’S not clear with a few of them which races they’re going to run in, but they’d certainly be horses well worth keeping on side. I think my nap of the week would be Jon Gosselin stradivarius he’s a really progressive. Stea who’s done nothing but impress since winning the Goodwood Cup last summer and a confident ride where he just got the better of big orange in a fantastic race and the thing about it was why that run was so noteworthy. Is he pulled really hard under a strength for the first three furlongs and he immediately doubled in price on the betting exchanges in running, but did so well to come through and sustain the run, and I was very taken with the way he won on his reappearance.

At York in May again cruising all over his rivals de Torre rather took it easy thought he had. The race won had to shake him up in the end, but I think it’s going to take a very useful performance to beat him in either the staying races that he goes to, and I think at this stage he’s probably my nap of the meeting. The second one I’m interested in is Wesley Ward’s lady Aurelia, now she’s built up a huge following among UK bum punters by winning at this meeting in 2016, when she took the Queen Mary in one of the most amazing displays from a juvenile that I’ve ever seen. She actually won by 7 lengths there in a sprint and had the race one half way. It was absolutely ridiculous and remarkably for one who was so precocious and she’s held a form and she returned in 2017 to win the group.

1 kings stand under her American rider this time written more patiently, but still scorching clear from the furlong pole. I think she’s been trained to peak for Royal Ascot in 2018. She’S not been at her best so far, but her train is an absolute genius at getting them ready and she’s very much one to keep on side of the 3rd when we go for another Sprinter, cart G of Tom das comes now.

This one is a real speed: bull got loads of pace, destroyed the field and the Chester main meeting, despite having a wide draw scorching home, clocking, an amazing time and winning by 9 lengths. He since being touched off at hey doc, on the not having blazed the trail on his own on the far side and hopefully he’ll avoid a couple of the other sprinters were interested in, but on fast ground at Ascot. He could take plenty of catching and Tom dascomb has his horses in terrific form at the moment, horse number 4 hairy angel, clive Cox, another sprinter, another one who’s kept improving. He did show his old fractious nough sin: the stalls when making a winning reappearance at York. This season, beating race, fit rivals having been hammered in the market. He won’t have Caravaggio in his way in 2018, and I think he’s one of the meetings.

Bankers he’d like to be a short price, but he’s top class. His trainer Clive clocks, I think, is one of the best trainers in the country and well worth keeping all of his horses on side at this meeting, particularly in the handicaps and horse number 5, no secrets of this one, the Derby winner massa, I think he’ll be Aimed at Royal Ascot, hopefully he ran a blinder in the 2000 guineas. There was no fluke about his winner Epsom. He surprised me, I didn’t think he’d stay a mile for and actually I wouldn’t be perturbed if he dropped right back in trip to her mind. He’S got plenty of pace as well as showing remarkable stamina, reserves and he’s a top class, but to look forward to at the meeting best of luck at Royal Ascot betting experts.

What Beats What in Poker Hands | Gambling Tips

Hey guys, I just wanted to go over poker rankings with you. These rankings apply for just about any poker game you are going to play: hold em, or five card draw, seven card stud, or any of that. Basically, I got a deck here all rigged out to get the cards I want to come out.

I want to let you know your rankings. First up, we start from the bottom on this website. We have a no pair. Alright and basically you would be playing for high card. With the case of no pair, whoever has the highest card would break whatever ties.

Generally, you can count on this hand winning like, never. Every now and then you might get lucky with an ace high or a king high. Next hand, is one pair. You get two of the same value. Then everything else is the same. Anything else is everything else.

With the pair whoever has the next highest card would break the tie there. It doesn’t happen very often. But, every now and then it does.

Next up, is two pair. You have the pair of queens and ace. The highest pair takes preference. So, if you had a pair of queens and eights, somebody else had a pair of jacks and tens, then because you have the queens, you win. This would be the hand higher than the one pair.

Next up, three of a kind. In this case we have a three of a kind jacks and a five and a two. A lot of times new players make the mistake of thinking that you have got two pair then it’s a bigger deal than having three of a kind, but three of a kind always beats two pair. It does not matter the game. Next, is a straight. A straight is five cards in sequential order regardless of the suit.

In this case here you have the straight that goes up to the eight. The case of the players that with a couple of straights whichever has the highest one, ace’s being high, would win that pot there. This is a straight and it is better than the three of a kind. Better than the straight, we have a flush. A flush would be five cards of the same suit. It doesn’t matter what their values are.

In the case here, we have an ace high flush. The high card takes value here, so if somebody else has an ace king high flush, since he has the ace, he would win. Then that beats a straight. And what beats a flush?

Is a full house. A full house would be three of one value and then two of the other. On this case, this would be called kings full of tens. This is a very, very powerful hand and usually if you have hands like this or stronger, you will more than likely win whatever pot of poker you are playing.

In the case of multiple full houses, the precedence comes to whichever the one you have three of. If you have three tens and then kings, then the tens would be dominant. If someone else had three jacks, say then you would lose that. Here kings full tens beats a flush. Better than a full house is four of a kind, also known as quads. Basically, four of the same thing.

You get all four in all suits of the same value and most poker games nobody will ever be able to tie you so you will never have to worry about that but then obviously four tens would beat four nines or something like that. A very, very powerful hand. When you get to this scenario, unless you are extremely unlucky you will almost always win with four of a kind.

Next highest from there is a straight flush. This is five cards that are in sequence and of the same suit. So in this case we have a seven high straight flush. These hands are very, very rare to come by, but when they come, it is going to be money for you. And then that would beat the four of a kind and everything else below that. And the highest type of straight flush, you probably already know is the royal flush.

All five cards from the ten to the ace in sequence, of the same suit. No other hand can beat this one. Those are our poker hand rankings.

Why It’s Hard To Win on Penny Slot Machines with Slot Machine Expert Frank Legato

In this video I visit the 2014 Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas, which is one of the world’s largest trade shows for the casino gaming industry. At this show, which is held in late September each year, gaming manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world spy, their latest products and technologies, a casino executives, it’s a great show to attend, because visitors can try out often there was some machines before they’re available to The general public bus there are many celebrity appearances and other fun events in this segment. I speak with slot machine expert, frankly gato, who is the editor of global gaming business magazine. He also writes about slot machines for casino player as well as strictly slots, and I ask frank why it is so hard for some players to win on penny slot machines.

Frank. You are one of the foremost experts on slot machines and one question I wanted to ask you is: why is it so hard four slot players away in a penny slot machines simple, they are the highest holding, in other words, lowest pay that percentage in the house. In the casino, by far you take a dollar slot machine – it’s probably 95 96 percent, most casinos. Yes, you have to translate that house edge (here is an explanation of RTP and casino house edge). Ninety-Five percent passage: 5 percent, that’s on the dollar order: games: 92-93. 7, any games giving up 11 percent, sometimes size 12-13 or higher some casinos or even setting the lowest back required state, which exit 3 percent bad. It’S 75 percent. What you’re getting with the penny slot machine is basically are gon na lose your money. Now you say: 75 percent is the minimum and Nevada.

Have you ever seen a game set to return as low as 75 percent? I I haven’t – I not not in to my knowledge, but you can tell she was what it said: bashers available 73 back each the casino choose. Most casinos have a policy. Most casinos in Nevada, most anywhere have a policy pay-back nomination in Nevada, find it any games.

Pay a little bit more ninety ninety percent, Sentinel; ok, a las vegas casinos in Reno same way: atlantic city you’re talking pennies whole, in other words, giving away 12 percent house people. Well. Why don’t people played a machine that, if there, if there’s such a low papacristo, why do they play because they want they wan na low by it? They can pick up a twenty dollar-billion play for a while thing. They they don’t realize thing they don’t realize is if you play maximum credit, these games to get all the features qualified, aggressive jackpots, so you might be spending 3 300 credits for for max bet. That’S three dollars that same as a dollar machine.

So, if it’s pay-back percentage ago or take that three dollars dollar machine – and you know give away three or four percent, if that’s what you’re going the public, is these games as an arcade experience and lately people that right are our magazine have been saying their money Lasting Association, bashers is doing a study right now exactly what this trend me. People are playing less going to casino slots because back percent doing exhaustive study their own sales records, see what percentage programs all these casinos by to see if to just a verified back but anecdotal evidence. You know it is pretty much verified that people’s money last okay suffered many sa mission.

Buyers reason they’re losing is because they’re planning a chance to pay back to the least amount of money in the casino I. So what is your advice for the people like to play? Penny slot machines for how they can be either better their experience or make their money lasts? Longer the game, stalin penny machines can be found in other denominations.

You just have to. After have a little bit more bankroll to to play, play them most to them, are a lot of them are available multi-denominational. So look for the mall denomination units and go up couple go up to the neck. Nomination died. That’S one way of doing it. If you like, those those that style, the other thing they can do is play lovers.

Las Vegas casinos play in Reno play places better-known to by the highest returning programs for all their games. That’S that’s where they are there: local, a las vegas outside the strip – and they are you know, just about anywhere in Reno. One last question for a place on the penny machines now you’re saying before they’re, making maximum bets to play our look at the pay table. Ants side say: well, maybe I don’t have to make the maximum vendela in order to be eligible for these bonuses. How would that work? That’S what they’re doing that’s what they’re doing there there they’re they’re going on to these machines!

That’S why they’re popular go! Take a 20 and just bed the minimum required to activate all Baylis, which in most cases is, is basically the game but you’re not getting as you want qualify for progressive jackpot, perhaps or some other some other special bones. But they can still play them and they complain america’s free drinks in their. They play a little bit lose their money thing is in recent years. Since the penny machines explode popularity, the casinos are by more to the detriment.

Nations they’re buying these and a as evidences is showing its showing up returns. Players alright, frankly, got thanks very much for spending time with us today. Thank you.

The Most Luxurious and Expensive Casinos In The World

The Most Luxurious & Expensive Casinos In The World | The luxury casino hotels in macau las vegas

For a long time, many people automatically associated the most extravagant casinos with the city of Las Vegas. Who wouldn’t? The shining metropolis that stands out in the middle of the Mojave Desert has been (and still is) home to some of the world’s poshiest hotels and high end casino

s. But the world of casinos is not limited to Las Vegas. Other casinos with lavishness to the nth degree have sprouted all over the world. And if you want to test your luck while experiencing world-class elegance and luxury, some of them may just be nearby. Check out our list.

1 Park Hyatt Mendoza Casino – Argentina

Kicking off this list is the Park Hyatt Mendoza Casino, located in Mendoza, Argentina. It carries all the standard games and features you would expect from a high level gambling establishment. But one particular game that stands out is the punto y blanca, which is a huge favorite among the locals. Aside from its grand casino, another interesting feature about the Park Hyatt Mendoza hotel is its structure, which is basically an old Spanish Colonial building.

2 Marina Bay Sands Casino – Singapore

Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands is quickly becoming the country’s most iconic and recognizable  structure, thanks to its impressive design and whopping construction costs. Its casino boasts a total of 2,300 slots, 500 gambling tables, and other high end features and entertainment options. If you feel like your luck is not up to the task, you can explore the Marina Bay Sands Science Museum or watch world class productions at its grand theater.

3 Venetian Macao Resort Hotel Casino – China

Macao has been dubbed the Las Vegas of Asia and the opening of The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel in 2007 solidified the city’s claim to this title. With a similar structuring as its Las Vegas counterpart, the Venetian, Macao adds a cultural twist that makes it different from other Venetian hotels. Its casino offers 500 gambling tables, 2,000 slot machines, and a huge array of entertainment choices should you decide to do something else. High end shopping malls, world class restaurants, and luxury boutiques dot this magnificent hotel-casino.

4 Ibiza Gran Hotel Casino – Balearic Islands, Spain

Ibiza is known for its beaches and wild parties. But the night breathes a never-ending supply of second wind to the Spanish city, a cycle that is perfect for the Ibiza Gran Hotel Casino. Overlooking the marina and the Old Town, the hotel provides a romantic setting for tourists who stay at the hotel. For those who want to try their fortunes, the hotel’s casino facility parades a grand setup that features gambling tables and slot machines. Moreover, the Ibiza Gran Hotel Casino has been holding Texas hold ‘em tournaments, a huge attraction for poker professionals and enthusiasts alike.

5 The Ritz-Carlton, San Juan Casino – Puerto Rico

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico sits on an 8-acre property and has a great view of the Atlantic Ocean. But those who are into gambling, will love the fact that the hotel’s casino is one of the most luxurious ever in the world. Among the many games featured in the casino are roulette, blackjack, let-it-ride games, and mini baccarat to mention a few. 300 slot machines are also on location to provide other options to fortune seekers. If you want to go out and experience Puerto Rican cuisine and culture, some high end restaurants are nearby, ready to take your order.

An Easy Guide To Online Bingo

With the advent of online casinos different casino games have become more popular with people. The traditional bingo games, used to be played in bingo halls can now be played from the comfort of your home. Bingo is one of the games most fun and entertaining and enjoyed by players of all ages.

Online bingo is very easy to play. Bingo games there are different types of cards available, and before playing, players must decide which cards they want to play with. It is recommended that you start playing with one card until you used to play and different strategies.

This is a bingo card with multiple columns and rows, along which the numbers have been placed, these numbers are arranged randomly. In addition, there are various models, bingo game, which is addressed to the player at the beginning of the game, forms, ranging from a bingo that is played or house rules. Players must try to perfect model is shown before the game. Model “Blackout” means the players must mark all the numbers in order.

Play bingo online with a random number generator selects numbers and the numbers are marked off the card using the “Auto dauber” feature. Completion of the project is to press the button on the player, after which the computer verifies the result. If the numbers match those that have been chosen, the player wins. When you have more than one winner the prize money is divided between them. Although the most popular bingo bingo games are the U.S. and UK bingo, online casinos are constantly adding new types of bingo from time to time.

Are you sure that the opponents you are facing online are actually human beings? How sure? As computers get bigger and faster it is only a matter of time before they are able to emulate real opponents with undetectable accuracy. How about those humans who are working together, sharing their hole cards via instant messenger? Playing at your local casino completely avoids the first issue and largely the 2nd too.

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Cheating at Slots

In this day and age of computerized operation for almost any imaginable purpose, slots cheaters are almost completely outfoxed. Unfortunately, it seems that as soon as manufacturers of slot machines detect a new cheating method, another more sophisticated one appears. Currently, they are working to eliminate the effectiveness of laser lights on payout sensors.

In the far distant past, slot machines were clunky mechanical gadgets that could easily be tricked or tampered with. From coat hangers and trick coins, casinos and slot machine owners could easily be tricked out of enormous sums of money.

Unfortunately, that is really no different today! To date, the state of Nevada – and home to Las Vegas – has documented over one hundred million dollars in losses at the slots machines, and all to cheaters. Criminal statistics and estimates report a staggering ninety seven percent of slots cheaters getting away with their crimes because they are so difficult to detect.

Why are they so hard to catch? A quick stroll through any busy casino would show hundreds of busy slot machines with often small groups of friends surrounding one or two. With such large numbers of machines, and so many people crowding around them it is virtually impossible to keep a watchful eye on every single machine in a casino. Multiply this by the number of machines in the hundreds of casinos in Nevada alone, and the statistics easily add up.

How do these people cheat? Most often slot machine cheaters require devices or specialized tools to help them get to the money. There are even internet sites that sell cheating devices!

Some of the most well-known include a standard coat hanger which is slid into a mechanical coin counter. The disruption to the equipment causes the coin counter to overpay the player. However, many casinos and manufacturers are eliminating coin counters on the higher value machines, relying instead on club cards and “credit” slips that a player takes to the cashier when they are done.

Another well known device is the “monkey’s paw” created by one of the most famous slots cheaters of all times, Tommy Carmichael. This is a long steel shaft with a claw-like configuration on the end. It is slid up into the coin counter, and working like a coat hanger, causes enough disruption that each payment is significantly higher than it is supposed to be.

There are other much lest sophisticated methods of “tricking” machines, such as fake coins and tokens, or those with a string or wire inserted that can be repeatedly removed from the machine. However many machines are updated with very sophisticated sensors to combat these methods of cheating, and some have inserted special catches that prevent anything from exiting the coin slot.

Currently, as stated earlier, the mini laser lights preferred by millions of business men and women who use them during presentations are now employed in blinding the modernized coin counters. These lights effectively cause the same disruption as the old metal monkey’s paws and coat hangers, triggering the coin counter to overpay the cheating player.

US Treasury had got specified rules for UIGEA

The US treasury had specified rules and regulations needed for the execution of ‘Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act or UIGEA. The Act was passed by Congress in 2006 and aimed to eliminate all poker transactions conducted through the US banking system.

Surprisingly, UIGEA was deceivingly combined with ‘guaranteed to pass’ Ports bill by many Republican lawmakers in order to maintain the capacity of US and NZ based online casinos to enter gaming industry at some point in time. Yet some of the lawmakers defended themselves with their act upon ethical and moral reasons with the proposed bill. But their intentions could be read clearly as there were many carve-outs for interstate lotteries, horse racing and many fantasy sports websites available online.

Consequently, UIGEA legislation which was made in haste failed to pinpoint the illegal gambling transactions as well as the companies which were to be declared illegal. Such type of loopholes and blunders made it impossible for the banking system to speculate the correct and proper implementation of UIGEA and thus the execution of UIGEA was further delayed. The government under Bush had tried to implement UIGEA with the proper rules and regulation as set by the US Treasury Department. The Republican Party had strongly pushed for the implementation of UIGEA before leaving office against the legalization of poker and gambling in USA.

Unluckily, with the passing of UIGEA many foreign online casino and poker companies were forced to ban the entry of US citizens into their websites. The reason was that they were constantly threatened with sanctions imposed by US Department of Justice if they went against the law.

Due to fear of damage and retribution their public images, the companies were force to leave the US market and many lawsuits followed afterwards. Till today many states like Antigua and Barbados have set litigations against World Trade Organization over the impact of UIGEA on their businesses. The real issue is the major control of US government over the internet and oversea commerce, as the companies are based outside USA in the respective countries

Fate of UIGEA

The US Treasury department had authorized the US Banking system for the implementation of UIGEA with its rules and regulations. But the banking system remained unclear about the rules: it could not distinguish between legal and illegal bank gambling transactions. Thus, it’s in the learning process in order to prohibit those gambling transactions which could prove disastrous for the legalized gambling games like horse racing.

Seeing the poor global financial health of banking system, the banks have become stricter on implementation of UIGEA with its rules in order to prevent gambling transactions from taking place. Yet there are many groups which are against the implementation and wished to continue with their stance till end of the present government. President Obama likes to gamble and is open towards legalization of poker and gambling online. This would certainly help poker industry and result in tax returns for the government.

What Do Online Bingo and Online Slots Have In Common?

Despite its apparent simplicity and straightforwardness, the question in the title is not an easy one to answer. Sure, online slots and online bingo both qualify as online gambling games, but that’s pretty much where every similarity between them ends. Online slots feature extremely small house edges and they seem dedicated to players who enjoy solitude and who like to keep their gambling as simple as possible. Online bingo on the other hand features a much higher house edge and it is a social game, which requires people to chat and to interact with the administrators as well as their fellow gamblers. While online slots are usually packaged up with a bunch of other online casino games, online bingo usually comes through specially designated websites known as online bingo halls.

Another common denominator that online bingo online and slots share, is the fact that they are both exclusively luck based games. Indeed, there is absolutely nothing a player can do to influence the odds involved in online slots or in online bingo. There aren’t any skills one can develop either in order to forward his or her case in either of the two games. While the social aspect of bingo lends it an additional dimension (bingo hall chat managers run special games in order to entertain their players), online slots are pretty much stuck with what they can conceivably offer through their rather simplistic user interfaces. Indeed, modern slot machines have branched out and they are now offering quite a handful of side games which do indeed give the game an additional dimension, kind of like the chat games do for online bingo.

The bottom line is that both games are designed to entertain online gamblers in ways that none of the other online casino games can cover. Player winnings on both online bingo and online slots can take up some pretty fabulous sizes, but in both cases the odds of a player actually walking away with one of these generous jackpots are extremely slim.


Types of Casino Bonuses Offered 2

In most cases the casino guys are going to split down your total bonuses into small manageable amounts of lets say 100$ per month, be sure to inquire from them just how much of the bonus you are entitled to per month to avoid extending your limits and consequently finding yourself in a sea of problems later.

The Reload Bonus

After a while your initial bonuses will run out but you ought not to worry one bit because the same casino guys will go out of their way and furnish you with a reload bonus. Ideally, this is meant to keep your interest high and prevent it from waning in any way. Use of these bonuses well will be beneficial to you in that you will keep on getting better at your game of choice until you now become a fully-fledged pro capable of winning big.

No Deposit Bonuses

These are the easiest bonuses you can ever get. Without even having to deposit any sum into your account the casino administration will reward you instantly for joining their website with money. Even though it is usually a very low figure you will soon realize that it is better than nothing and it will help you a lot as you come up with a winning system and awesome strategies.

Loyalty Bonus

This type of bonus is exclusive to members only. Only folks who have been identified as regulars or patrons will get this type of casino bonus and it can go up to a couple of thousands of dollars in some special cases. To learn more about how to get your unique, special instant bonus visit their official website.

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Types of Casino Bonuses Offered

Are you into blackjack or roulette? Do you get relaxed and reinvigorated every time you play casino games? If you happened to have answered yes, then you will also enjoy reading this brief review which aims to enlighten you on means and ways to go about securing loads of casino bonuses to improve your game with. Casino bonuses are thrown at you ostensibly, to get you to grow as a player. It is meant to boost your confidence levels and improve your skills so that you will feel very little-if any at all-anxiety and nervousness when you are playing the real game with real stakes up for grabs. Honestly, there is no one who can be able to maintain and keep their cool and composure especially when they are playing against strategic opponents who will stop at nothing to rid you off your hard-earned money round after round without even feeling an iota of guilt doing this. Without wasting a single second allow us to jump into the various types of bonuses that the casinos will have lined up for you:

The Welcome Bonus

This incentive to newbie’s also goes by the name of sign up bonuses and as the name suggests it is available to players who are looking to make their way into the gambling arena without wanting to use too much of their money until they feel comfortable to do so and that comes after trying their hands in the games for a while. As you would expect, the different casinos out there will be offering their unique bonus offers but some things tend to remain relatively unchanged in this deals.

For starters they will offer you a certain fixed percentage of the total amount of money deposited. An even money bonus is where the amount of money you will deposit will be matched dollar to dollar to give your bonus. If you had deposited 100 dollars then you stand to gain another 100 dollars as your bonus. In other cases they will offer you amazing offers of percentage figures exceeding 300% on your deposits.

The Best Overview of Casino Video Games

Video games played in a very Casino are known as casino video games The player will gamble in a very casino game using Casino chips for your random outcome. You could find also on the net casino video games doyles room review These games are commonly managed by laws. The laws differ from every single and every single nation. The Casino video games are of amazing enjoyment.

You are going to discover normally 3 sort of casino entertainment, namely table, electronic machine and ticket games. The slot machine may be the vital machine in a very casino poker Online video games are really well-liked right this moment.

You happen to be in a position to uncover slot machines in all casinos throughout the world. But these slots games are much more easily accessible, a few of them are entirely totally free and for other individuals you must spend. These slots games have quite straightforward principles, you just need to know which button you may need to hit. You happen to be in a position to get bonus games also, in case you play nicely.

The good elements of these games is you which you shall play without leaving your home, sitting comfortably with your area and some games tend not to will need registration or downloads. Folks play these slots game for genuine funds and to have bonuses. You are going to discover thousands of website visitors for each and every and each and every on the internet internet site. The wonderful online casino materials an incredible deal of slot machine varieties to suit each and every and each and every and each and every buyers demand. These slots are a good deal a lot easier, entertaining and also have potential earning possibility.

Options of video games, the bonus and jackpot dimensions would be the three important aspects to consider when determining on a web-based slots exercise. In some instances, enjoyable on line slots are recognized astonishingly in compact uk slots for real money On the net slot game suggestions vary from casino to casino and in addition even from slot to slot. Finding out the suggestions fully will allow to provide the video games further entertaining and intriguing.

In scenario you below no situations tried on line slots game, appear on, go forward and hunt for on the net casinos. Assured you may have a fantastic time.

When playing at a pokies casino you are not limited to downloading the casino to your computer. Many of the pokies casino choices give you the option of playing in flash or instant mode which means that you can play directly from the web browser of the casino.


All You Need to Know About Online French Roulette

The main reason why most online casinos do not offer online French roulette is that this game is not very popular among their operators. If you are interested in playing French roulette online, then you will most likely be able to play a single game. On the other hand, you have a lot of the variants of the European and American roulette to choose from. The decisions of the online casinos is based on pure facts, as the French roulette usually offers a very low house edge. Considering that higher edges mean more advantages for the casino in the long run, then it is very obvious why it is so hard to find a casino offering online French roulette.

This arguments seems does not apply to other online casino games such as blackjack and video poker where the house edge is even lower than the one of the French roulette. However, this problem clarifies once you realize that roulette is a pure luck based game with almost one hundred percent house returns while games such as blackjack or video poker require both luck and skill to win. Even though the earnings of the house in a game of blackjack are very low, the fact still remains: very few players out there have the necessary skill for a constant winning streak.

French online casino players are talking about the new platform! Check out the casino en ligne francais section for more details! At the moment, it is very hard to compare the returns of blackjack for the online casino, as this data is not available for the public. However, since the returns of video poker are around ninety-seven percent, many gamblers assume that it is the same for blackjack. Therefore, in the absence of concrete or official data regarding the average returns, one can assume that even though blackjack and video poker have a lower house edge than the online French roulette, in the end the house wins three dollars for each one hundred dollars wagered. Considering that the French roulette only brings an average return of approximately one dollar and a few cents, it is obvious why this game is not popular among online casino operators.


Diversity of Microgaming Slots

The regular online Slots players would always recommend Microgaming casinos to play Slots. Not only do these casinos provide variety with the Slots games but also are the most secure and safe options available on the internet. The Latest Casino Bonuses provided by Microgaming casinos are really impressive. Progressive Jackpot Slots, Reel Slots and Video Slots are the most widely type of Slots games played at the Microgaming casinos. Some of the progressive Slots offered by Microgaming are Fruit Fiesta, Major Millions, Cash Splash, Wow Pot, Mega Moolah, etc. Progressive Slots jackpot amount is the biggest in comparison to the other Slots games they offer.

As far as the Video Slots games are concerned, there are easily more than 100 different types, depending upon the number of paylines they offer. The pay-lines can be at the maximum 50 of them with Microgaming Slots. Hitman video Slots, Thunderstruck and Tomb Raider are three of the most admired video Slots games. The Microgaming reel slots contain either 5 or 3 reels with the pay-lines being 5, 3 or 1. The range of the jackpot is from five hundred coins to fifteen hundred coins. When it comes to playing Slots online, Microgaming casinos are the place to be at.


Play Free Online Bingo Games

Bingo online games will always be the easiest way if anyone else is into the future along to be a town. There are always bingo halls or maybe places of worship inside any provided community jam-packed packed with folks playing gala bingo. It is a entertainment favorite along with persons of most age ranges as well as you will discover usually possibly places regarding youngsters to go in order that the oldsters along with sensible grownups can certainly have fun with thus to their hearts’ articles.

Today, there are a lot more regular solutions to perform. Online bingo is actually earning popularity on a daily basis, seeing that you will discover a lot more people around who want to try out bingo nonetheless to get whatever reason just are unable to often acquire out of our home. No Deposit Bingo games are extremely popular nowadays, because are the adventures around by which individuals have got to obtain homemade cards to get into the sport. There are many sites of bingo that you can do bingo compare.

Among the list of major explanation why men and women choose engage in free of charge on-line bingo video games is due to preparing for any massive leagues, so to speak. On the net bingo games sound quick plenty of to learn but in many cases it can be a little more complicated when compared with you might have originally thought. That’s the reason, it may well aid to start out to the totally free on the web bingo games so as to obtain look of what sort of video game operates. That format in the free of charge games is definitely akin to in which in the jackpot online games you have to spend to obtain however you never earn and also shed whatever.